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The Art of the Deal: Seller Financing and Creative Deal Structure with Terry Hale

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Many of you looking for multifamily deals have run into a seller that’s asking for much more than their property is worth. Sometimes sellers have properties that may not even qualify for bank financing because of occupancy issues. Today’s guest is going to teach you how to use a seller’s greed against them and lockdown deals using creativity and avoiding the banks.

Our guest Terry Hale is a true master at the art of the deal and negotiation. He’s using seller financing and creative terms you’ve never heard before in order to tie up deals across the country. He then either holds the deals himself or wholesales them to clients.

He’s going to teach you exactly how he structures his deals, and how to make deals work that otherwise wouldn’t pencil. This is one you don’t want to miss, especially as finding deals gets tougher and tougher.