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In 2018, I embarked on my real estate investing journey while working as an air traffic controller Thursday to Monday, often having to work mandatory overtime on my off days. Although the income was good, I found myself lacking time freedom. As I delved into various investment classes, I kept gravitating towards the potential of real estate investing, particularly apartment investing.

For my first venture into real estate, I took the bold step of liquidating my 401k and partnered with my now business associate, Mike Tighe, as well as a few close friends. Together, we acquired a 32-unit apartment in a different state. While the initial investment presented its fair share of challenges and mistakes, we persevered and managed to execute our business plan, ultimately selling the property for a remarkable 3X return within just two years. This experience left an indelible mark on me, igniting a profound passion for real estate.

Shawn DiMartile


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Recognizing the need for guidance in order to scale my endeavors, I sought out a mentor who had been an accomplished apartment investor for over two decades, boasting an impressive portfolio of 8,000 units. This decision proved invaluable, propelling my growth in the industry. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise of one of the best in the business, I expanded my portfolio to encompass 300+ units with a cumulative value exceeding $50 million.

No longer confined to the air traffic control profession, I have achieved both time freedom and financial independence through my real estate ventures. Now, I am eager to share everything I have learned, including the lessons from my own missteps, to help you expedite your own real estate success story and attain your goals of time freedom.